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Do you have a shot of your snowmobile in action? Whether it be racing, cruising down a great trail or just an picture of you and your buddies enjoying a day on the trail - let's see it! How about a junkyard treasure you stumbled across? Bring out the armchair restorer in all of us with your photograph. Submit your photo to be included in the gallery! Don't want to wait for me to post it? Post your photos instantly in the new Gallery section of the Forum page!             

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Arctic Cat Pink PantherFrom Dave and Amy Creaser in Baxter's Corner, New Brunswick, Canada - "This is my 9 year old daughter on our Pink Panther. It was purchased for $100.00 and was pretty much all original. We rebuilt the 292 kawi engine, and painted the cab, skis, gas tank and engine pink for the girls to ride it. It became the Pink Panther, complete with stickers." Great job Dave and Amy!



Phantom F1     Phantom F1 b     Phantom F1 rear

"Hello! My name is François Marcil from Joliette, Quebec. I send you some pics of my Phantom F1. It took me 2 years to build it. This is a trail sled." I can only imagine the looks this gets on the trail!

Rockey Point BC VistaRocky Point Sledding"This is me, Andrew Patterson, playing in Rockey Point outside of Brisco B.C. near the end of March 07."





From Rick Foisy in Cut Knife, SK. "Sledding in west central Saskatchewan, snow has been great all season. 2005 Renegade 600 SDI, new USI triple threat (stage 2) were a great improvement."






From Dave Bryant in Maine comes this one of a kind machine - "Here are a few pics of my custom sled that I have been riding for the last 10 years. It started out as a wrecked 1975 Rupp Nitro 440 free air oval racer. Well as you can see it has changed just a little. Here are the Mods that I did; V-Max rear suspension, SRV front struts, custom paint, powered by a 1980 Yamaha 650 Twin 4-stroke Bike Motor, and Trans. Yep it has 5 gears and is shifted with your left foot, No belt, it is chain drive. Bike bars, with all the controls. dual exhaust out the back, stereo, cigarette lighter etc, etc. I trail ride here in Maine, so it is geared to do that. It goes about 5 mph at idle with the clutch out, and 75 mph wide open. It will go faster but, like I said, I trail ride mostly. It is a real head turner, and VERY LOUD, and a real blast to ride, and the gears actually work fine. It is like riding a dirt bike in the snow. Thanks for looking at my sled." Thanks for sending it in Dave, definitely one of the most unique machines we've had submitted to!


"Hello my name is William Grabowski and I am 15 years old. This is my snowmobile trip in Cheboygan Michigan. Here is me on my Formula III, my dad jumping a jump on his MXZ Renegade Ski-doo and my dad again, sweet pic."

"Hello, great web site, cool links. Here is a picture of my girl on her 94' Indy Classic, March 3rd in the U.P., this was taken on Trail 17 west of Hurley, on a Tuesday, it rained the night before, and was supposed to warm up, every one went home, winds shifted, changed to snow by midnight, 10" of new snow, groomers were out all night, and every trail from lake Gogebic to the Min. border was a table top!! 408 miles in one long day, it was beautiful!! if you can please post this picture I would appreciate it a great deal. Thanks. Glenn, from Chicago."


From Scott McMillan - "Here what us guys from Calmar do on a hot summer day, we head north of Calmar to the North Sask. River and do a little riding!!!!"




From Mike in Clifton Springs, New York. "Here is my 1975 Ski-doo TNT 440e and my 1972 Yamaha SL338c. I bought the Yamaha a year ago and rode it in the 2005-2006 snow season. I bought it for $40 and was in poor shape, now I restored it and it looks great! My Ski-doo I got for free years ago from a relative and was in not to good of shape but since then I have worked on it and that thing can move! lol Thanks your gallery is great!"

"My name is Pete Cowen from Marion, Connecticut. I noticed a lot of nice jump pictures on your site and a few watercross pictures but no watercross jump pictures. I have a attached a couple pictures of me jumping at a watercross race at the Flat Rock Inn in Lowville, NY last summer that your more than welcome to post if you would like." Thanks Pete. I had no idea guys were doing this! Very cool...

From Rob Klean - "I ride a 99 MXZ, and my buddy Erik with an 84 SRV, with a Viper skid and 136" conversion, just playing around doing the usually boondocking in Sands Township just outside Marquette, MI. It was one day in March right after a huge snow storm and we decided to go out and play on the racetrack and just carve up the fresh powder"



From the rock - "Here is some pics of my brother Scott Tremblay in Labrador city, NL in the winter of 2006 on a 377 Skandic 2 "92 and me, Johnny, on an Indy 400."

From Rick Wilde at - "Here is a couple of shots I thought you might really enjoy! 2- 70's Blizzard Racers! The Grass Machine is owned by Mark Venance and the Icer is owned by Russell Liba. Both these machines remain VERY competitive in drag racing against the modern sleds, and still take home their fair share of winnings. Vintage is alive and well! Th grass shoit is from  Thundercity Grass Drags and the ice shot was from Snow N Ice Drag Mania."

"Whats up? This is a picture of another day of riding in Petersville, AK. Belly button deep pow is what we are here on earth for. Peace, Andy Coar"




From Kevin & Lynn Mackey - "This is a 1962 Hus-Ski found in an old fish shack by Lake Superior in Grand Marais, MN." A great find!



Connor Wilson sent in these two (the '92 sounds like a real sleeper!) - "This is my 1993 Formula Plus with a 580 on the left and a 1992 Formula Plus X with a custom 800 triple, this picture is taken on my dock in Gravenhurst Ontario last year!! Later that day we jumped them off the dock!"

From Jeff down in the States - 1972 Ski Doo 340 TNT (not shown) and a 399 Olympique - "Here's a couple that were going to be thrown out. They were my neighbors that have a house in New Hampshire and had to move them out of the garage for new tenants. Not even 200 miles on them so I'm rebuilding them. Here's 1 done for now." Kudos to Jeff for saving what looks to be a museum piece from the dump!


From Robert Larrivee comes this interesting  machine - "Please add this photo of my Chrysler Sno-Runners to your Gallery, I have 3 of these cool machines and are great to ride, just like a dirt bike on snow."




From Ian MacKenzie inCold lake Alberta. "Just thought I'd share some photos of my restored 1952 R-18. She's a real head turner and you know what, there's nothing like cruising in a heated cab. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!" Very Cool!

Rick Fred racing in Mayville, NY. Photo taken by Casey Mulkins.





Thanks to Josh Lebarron from for sending in this great sequence!

"This is a picture of me on my Super Stinger in summer drags near Biwabic Minnesota in the early 70's. Thanks, Bob Reini". Very cool!




"Here are the Pro Cards for Adam and Tony Ortwein from A&T Racing.  A&T Racing is located in Bethlehem Pa. and both run in the Sport 500 and Sport 600 class and run in the RMR West circuit. For information check out the web site at  or e-mail to"



From Chris Zelenka at comes these two pictures. "One of me on the Tug Hill Plateau in New York, a hot spot for PA/NJ/NY freaky hat included. The other is of me coming through the canal in Brantingham, New York."


This one is pretty self explanatory! Some Iowa river riding sent in by Brent at ZoggDesign in Dixon.





"These pictures are of Cody Madonia 107, official snocross racer for and factory tean rider for PPG Industries. Cody races the Junior 10-13 class on a 550 and 380 REV fan on the Rock Maple Race Circuit (West). He is sponsored by PPG Automotive Finishes,, Woody's Traction Control, Power Madd Racing Products, Smith Sport Optics, Amsoil, KDK Sports of Rome, Auto Finishers OF Oneida, Nimeys S&S, Patrick Heating of Rome, M&M Collision, Shanes Fab  and a whole bunch of family and friends. You can contact Cody at or at
PS. Look for Cody's new web site this fall."




From Craig at come these Ontario powder shots - "These are a few powder running pics taken this winter north of Cochrane Ontario. We ran un-tracked rivers, creeks, and lakes for about 200 miles over two day’s."


From Graham & Sonya Campbell in Nova Scotia - "This is my 1999 ZRT 900. Yep 900. It is a Ltd edition".



Thanks to Rick Wilde at for these drag shots - "Another Great Winter of racing, despite all the cancellations. This is a shot of Doug and "The Shark" from Snowest Distributers. These 2 have ruled the snow without question, until this season. "The Wolf" , run by Jamie Tinker, bit him a couple of times. Albert Ratti came into his own this winter at The Western Canadian Championships."


"Here is some pictures of me hitting a ramp over a Denali…just thought you might like them for your site… My name is Ralph Gallagher and the photographers were Mark York and Dave Carlberg"



From Bobby Greene in Halifax, Nova Scotia - "This is an 81 Ski-doo citation SS 377. I received this machine as payment for installing three mirrors in a friend’s house. It is complete from front to back with only 3300 miles on it. Some cleaning and some TLC should get it drivable again. This will be my second project sled, as I am into it deep on an 83 Polaris sport 440. Thanks and great website!!"


From Kevin LehseI comes this very cool machine - "I just found this homebuilt sled in Litchfield , MN by Dick Johanneck. It is powered by a 150hp turbocharged Corvair Spyder engine. Body is handcrafted aluminum."



"Here's a pic or two of what used to be MY 72 Kitty Kat that I got from Santa when I was 5, & I rebuilt it ground up, & added some "flashier" mods...needless to say my son, Solomon about fell over Christmas morning. It didn't take him long & he's rippin' her up." - Jim Stoeckly






Jeff Beaman, 15 years old, Phelps Wisconsin, jumping his sled at a buddy's ice shack.






Will, from Dawson City Yukon sent in the above photos. Looks like snowmobile heaven!-  "Here are a couple of shots of some friends and I out riding in Atlin and on the Dempster in the Yukon"



Thanks to Rick Wilde at for sending in these two photos - "Here is a shot of Cory Duncan of Russell Manitoba at Hay-Days. This has been a summer of racing that went into the record books. This is a photo of the Turbo RX-1 that has caused all the fuss in the drag racing circles. "Now that thing is fast." This was at Woodys Shootout."


     "I bought this sled left over New and decided over the last yr or so to give it a few mods!! Can't wait till snow flies!!"
Mike B
Clifton Springs, N.Y.





Thanks to Philip Rarog for sending in these inspiring photos from Alberta. We definitely don't have views like that here in Ontario! - "Hey, cruzin thru the web, saw the site, thought I'd show you guys the riding out in the Mountains. This pic was taken in Blairmore at the top of the Notch. About a 2500 ft climb. I go mostly to Revy. Love Boulder, Frisbee and Keystone there! We do see the odd eastern fellow. Last year saw fellows from Minnesota, Ontario and even New Brunswick!
The ride is my old "99 RMK 600 w 136". I now have a '03 Polaris Vertical Escape with 159" track, many engine mods including Boondocker Nitrous, air box, head work, reeds, pipes and so on. If you ever get the chance, come out west and join us in some AWESOME mountain riding and great views. The day the pics were taken there was 2 feet fresh powder over nite. Quite often in Revy we get 4 or 5 FEET of snow a night."

From Jim Smith out in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan comes this freshly restored 1966 Ski-doo Olympique. I'm thinking it looks better now than when it was new!- "I've owned this sled for at least 20 years, but I just completed the restoration in October 2004...It runs well and rides fine too. We used 3M Sprayable Body Filler on the badly crazed hood, and it turned out perfectly. It is painted with Dupont Chroma Premier."


Bill from Newburyport, Ma is taunting us all with his brand new machine - "2005 Arctic Cat Sabercat 500... I had just bought it a month ago, didn't really like the high windshield so I bought a black and chrome one. Chrome headlight covers, Silver Mesh Inserts, Windshield bag, Tank Jacket, Map holder. I Decided to accessorize before I hit the trail. But really I only have about a month to go till snowfall and the trails open up. So hopefully it will happen soon." Indeed Bill, your not going anywhere yet but those leaves on the ground are a sign of things to come!



Thanks to Russell Sherwood from Moncton, New Brunswick for sending in these shots of his new restoration project - "Hello Allen I see your looking for parts for a 73 Olympique. I just became the proud owner of a 72 Olympique 399 and I’m a first time restorer and just starting out. I also bought an old ski-boose which I think is a 1969 and I'd like to restore also. Having a matching pair would be great."

 I think Russell's Olympique will be done before mine!


Thanks to Arlen Peterson of Frederic, Wisconsin for sending in these great Snowmobile Watercross Racing photos that fit right in with the "Snow? We don't need no stinkin' snow" theme that has been prevalent in the Gallery the last few submissions. For more info on Watercross Racing you can visit his web site - KMA Racing.

From Manuel Cordeiro - "Here is a photo of the old with the new. The boys all in a group shot with the sleds from left to right is my 94 XLT and beside is two old Yamaha 440's in mint shape. We were up in Haliburton in 2003."

 I've ridden Haliburton myself many times and know there are some great trails there. It's been pointed out that the sled on the right is actually a Kawasaki (remember those?) and the middle sled is an Enticer 300 Twin - about 1979 or 1980. -Allan


"Hi my name is Matt, I recently submitted a photo of me on my MXZ 440Lc, from
Kenora (see below). This is a picture of my friend marc, also from Kenora. This was
taken this summer just North of town. Marc is on a Arctic Cat 440Lc Snopro.
He made three trips around the bay, then took his girlfriend across. Hope
you enjoy. p.s. this is a nice website, with some great pics. Keep up the good work."

Thanks Matt! Judging from some of the pictures I've received lately I think we're ready for some snow!-Allan

Thanks to Wayne Overbo up in the North West Territories for sending in this shot and a bit of a sense of what sledding is like in the far north;

"We got about two inches 10 days ago (September 17th, 2004), that has since melted. But we expect snow that stays by Halloween. We'll be riding the trails in November and the lake should be frozen enough by mid December. I myself am a trail rider. We have ungroomed trails up here - but hundreds and hundreds of miles of it. We cross paths with dog sleds and trappers making a living on their snowmobile. It's quite a bit of the "wild frontier" feeling. We can only dream of the groomed double-wide trails in southern locales." Yes Wayne, but we can only dream of the solid 6 months of riding you enjoy! -Allan



Thanks to Ryan Keller from Manitoulin Island in Ontario for sending in these shots of him and his buddies enjoying some summer sledding this year!


"My name is Matt, I live in Kenora, Ont, Canada. This is me on my sled - an X
racer, 1996 MXZ 440Lc with a paddle track and flex skis."






From Paul Gunns in Pennsylvania comes this amazing Arctic Cat collection which he calls his "litter box"- "Here's a shot of my backyard. I was bitten when I was 13 when my dad brought home a 68 Panther/17 Hirth (second photo). In 1996 I went crazy and started collecting/reconditioning/swapping and parting out sleds. Wife says I'm only allowed 12 sleds, but don't tell her I have 17 on the property...He,He! (ed. note - too late!). Can you guess what kind I love most?" The other shots are of Paul's 1974 440 El Tigre  with a Quad Plug 440 Kawasaki motor. "Twin 34mm Mikuni's. About 60 horse. 85 mph. This thing rips! I put 500 miles on this thang last season and all of them like I was in the lead!" Paul can be contacted through his club website - The Pennsylvania Vintage Snowmobile Club



From Gilles Allard In Labrador City, Newfoundland comes these great shots - "I was just browsing and found your site. Here are a few pictures from the past couple of years of either of my sleds at the time. Right now I still own the 2000 XC 700 45th. In '98 I had the 600 SX and 99 700 SKS. I have also included an old pic of my 92 Phazer. I am in Labrador City and we have great snow conditions dry, cold and 621 cm of snow last year. " I think Gilles' next sled should have wings! - Allan


Thanks to Rick at for sending in these two pictures - "First picture is the starting line at Montreal Lake, Sask. Very nice start. Second picture is a 74' sonic with nitrous oxide, running in 700 open mod. He debuted this machine at the Western Canadian Championships in Meadow Lake, Sask. Very nice machine, too bad he red lighted."



From Alistair Davies comes these two shots - "Here are some pics of my friend and I riding my 03 SKS 700 today April 29, 2004. We are riding through a washed out ice road in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. As you can see it looks like we may get another week of riding in yet. Would be nice to see my pics on your site. (Pic 1 is me on my 03 SKS 700, Pic 2 is my buddie Alex on my SKS(not shown), Pic 3 is some guy on a 04 Rev GSX800.)" Thanks Alistair! By Ontario standards it looks like you have a month of riding up there still! - Allan.

Jim Buchanan from Newcastle, Wyoming sent in this great carving shot of himself riding in Dubois, Wyoming back in February of this year with 21 of his buddies. Looks like a blast!



From Chad Cox Great Falls, MT - "This is @ Island Park (a lesser known park sharing the same name as a very popular park, this Island Park is located in the Little Beltmountains in Montana). That's me on my trusty '02 800 EFI Mountain Cat LE 144".



"Brushwhackin in Newington N.H."




From Scott Oliff in Ontario comes this picture of his 4 yr. old Phillip. He just started racing in the CSRA 120 stock. - "This is a picture from the Barrie, ON event. He was shown on the NewVR (local Barrie TV station). Last 3 races, started off fast, crashed, and slowed to a turtles pace. He's practicing for the next year, up on the lake in McKellar, ON."


Ryan Keller sent in these photos of him on his 1993 Polaris Indy Lite 340 getting some air!
"These are last season pictures. I live in Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island. I'm 15 years old. Our local snowmachining club it is called the Manitoulin Snowdusters. This year I have bought a new sled. I will be ridding a 2001 XFC Pro X 440. I would like to thank Wayne Legge for making it all possible - he helped keep my sled running."

Luke from the AK Riders sent in this photo taken in Petersville, Alaska.




Thanks to Jim in New Hampshire for sending in these two shots. As Jim describes - "The first one is me and a couple friends sledding in New Hampshire last season. The second is my friend Paris getting some good air."


"Hi my name is Galyn.. here's a picture of me at Izatys this year. I was with the 93x FM Morning show. Were from St. Paul MN."




From Phil Stamnas of Rochester, NH. A great shot of him on his 1998 Arctic Cat ZL500.

"I often wonder what my neighbors think???
Here is a shot me catching some air in my front yard. New Hampshire was blessed with a great season of snow and I wasn't going to pass up the "homemade" jumps to catch some neighborhood air!! Cats don't swim but they definitely fly!"


"Hi my name is Chris Scott. This photo was taken Dec 2002  in one of my favorite sledding spots in south east Idaho. I was jumping out of a 25 foot pit and catching some good air. This was a bad snow year and we had to sled where ever we could find snow."


From Craig Daigle of New Hampshire - "Here's a shot of my girls getting introduced to snowmobiling , they love the Ol' Moose cause "it'll go anywhere "!! 1966 Johnson Skee-Horse, 14 HP Opposed Twin, state of the art 37 years ago !!"



From Glenn Maxwell of Ontario - "Here is a picture of my friends and myself up in Apsley"




Here is a shot of one of my friends getting a healthy amount of air of off a drift on one of the great trails near my home in Singhampton, Ontario circa 1996. He is a brave man for doing this - not because of any danger to him but because that is a '92 Mach I he's riding with a fairing so brittle it would crack if you just looked at it too hard -  let alone do what Dave is doing! It's amazing how flexible the new fairings are compared to these ones. Still a great looking sled though!
-Allan Lewis .


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